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Remove negative search results or bad reviews

Reputation Repair & Management

Removing a negative search result from Google is challenging. Removing a bad review from social media or a directory can be just as hard. If you're faced with several negative search results or bad reviews, it’s time to get expert help before it kills your business.

The rise of social media and directory platforms has changed the way people buy products and services. No longer is the simple fact that you have a website enough to convert visitors into sales or enquiries. Sales are achieved on the back of customer reviews and social media conversations. Handled well, your social media and review sites will become part of your overall business presence and existing customers will become your ambassadors. Swift reaction via Twitter or Facebook to a customer service complaint will assuage any lingering concerns and underline the fact that you openly and quickly deal with matters. Handled badly (or not handled at all), you'll simply allow the negatives to outweigh the positives and your business will suffer increasingly until the reputation is beyod repair.

We've been doing reputation repair and management for years. In many ways, it's part of the overall SEO service and we're extremely good at it. So, if you find yourself in a position in which your business is threatened by negative or falling search results or bad reviews, talk to us in complete confidence. It's very likely we'll be able to help.

Remove bad reviews from GoogleThere are three types of review. The first is the saintly customer who loves your service and / or products and who willingly, and without prompting, sings your praises and will champion you in Social Media posts and conversations. Then there's the indifferent, can't really be bothered,...I don't know what to say ...Oh OK then, if you insist... type who isn't particularly a fan but also isn't particularly enamoured. And then there's the devil of a customer who will stop at nothing to warn other people not to touch your business with a barge pole and not to part with a penny - and, with these people, there's often real venom. Vengeance is mine sayeth the customer with a gripe. And that vengeance will show up in multiple results and reviews everywhere. And, don't forget,  there's also the fake reviews left anonymously, usually by competitors.

How often have you had a bad meal? For that matter, how often have you had a good meal? How many people did you tell about the bad one? Did you even mention the good one at all? People will go out of their way to report a bad experience, partly to get it off their chest and partly to feel some sort of retribution has been dished out. But these days, it takes just a few seconds to get out your phone, write a slammingly bad review knowing that potentially hundreds of people will read it, take note of it and act on it. No business can afford to be behind the times. There is simply no excuse for doing nothing.  

For decades the 'Goodwill' of a business has had real financial value. Until recently, a business either had a Goodwill value or it didn't. But now, there's a new one ..... Badwill.  Badwill also has a value - a negative one. You may have the best spot on the High Street with the coolest shopfront or you may be in the top Google results for your business's key search terms. But if a business reputation starts to suffer as a result of a bad review, the good stuff isn't going to count for much. The business value is diminished. It's a downward spiral.

Customer practices, customer expectations and customer management are changing. Business managers need to be in tune and in touch with their customers in an ever changing environment in which reputation counts for everything .  As Benjamin Franklin said " It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.

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