Social Media Design and Management

If you're too busy to bother with social media, you need to get your head out of the sand.

We're in a social media revolution. The vast majority of business enjoying some level of success are using social media services to engage with existing customers and new audiences.

If you seriously don't have time to do it for yourelf, we'll set it up, design it and manage it for you on a month-to-month basis.

We'll tailor your social media management package to ensure that you reach new audiences and engage with your customers in a way in which the public have now come to expect. Not only will the ever-expanding narrative, conversation and customer engagement have a general impact on your whole business in terms of brand awareness and extending organic reach, it will also positively impact on your SEO.

The first step in identifying the sort of social media presence you need is to find out who's saying what about your brand or your business and to analyse how much of that talk is positive, negative, indifferent or downright awful. Whatever it is, we'll create a strategy to deal with it - even if it means having to do some reputation repair to remove any historial 'negatives'. (See our Reputation Management page for information).

Audience Management

We'll help you create and grow audiences for your business. We'll help you develop a branded online audience to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Monitoring & Reports

Our software allows us to monitor your entire web presence from your website to all your social media accounts and to provide you with comprehensive statistics, not only in terms of who is talking about you but also what they're saying. This allows us to progressively build up a picture of areas that need focus and to create strategies to deal with them positively.

Our Social Media Services include:

Customer Engagement
Sentiment Insight
Customer / Audience profiling
Audience management
Inbound Response strategy
Social Media setup & design
Facebook store
Monthly (at least) Reports
Conversion tracking
Social Media optimisation

Social Media Management by GSI